Buy Citrus Skunk Sativa Online

Buy Citrus Skunk Sativa Online

Buy Citrus Skunk Sativa Online. It smokes very smoothly and has a great aroma and taste of citrus fruit, It has got 25% THC and it gives you the effects of  Happy, Energetic, and Euphoric so you can enjoy the hit after the hit. Skunk for fragrance is also present for those who are looking for Skunkyness. It is a great daily effort that you will certainly uplift and encourage.

This is actually the one that Dean would not recommend to use at night, because you can not sleep when you have attended the Citrus Skunk session. Another observation worth mentioning is that the first hits do not pull you back, but rather make it easier for you to create a very quiet state of mind.

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Citrus skunk is a ratio of Sativa / Indica 60:40, which makes you feel comfortable and relaxed with a buzz. Strong smell and taste are very tropical, fruity and citrus, super delicious. THCs reaching 22% in some tests, it is a very strong Sativa heavy hybrid. Citrus Skunk, with a ratio of Sativa / Indica 60:40, is an award-winning child of two skunk phenotypes that have been specially selected for their spicy lemon types. The flavor is Skunk and sweet, while the flavor resembles sweet lemons and other citrus fruits. Citrus Skunk brings sleepy, shabby brain power with energy and creativity, a dose of happiness and euphoric kicks. It’s an exciting but lazy experience.

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Citrus Skunk offers effective treatment for depression, nausea, chronic pain, and daily stress. CBD values are slightly higher than the average in this strain, for some tests, it is about 0.5% but not high enough to be recommended for treatment of conditions that respond to CBD, such as epilepsy. Dry mouth and watery eyes are the only commonly known negative effects of Citrus Skunk, although paranoia, anxiety, and dizziness are also possible. Buy Citrus Skunk Sativa Online

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